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Date Published: Friday 5th December 2014

RECOUP’s Steve Morgan joined a table of professionals to discuss how to solve the problem created by budget cuts to recycling communications. Here is a brief section of the article from Resource magazine.

The impact of the budget cuts on Local Authority communications:

These cuts are creating strain on local councils meaning that recycling and waste is no longer a priority and less money is being directed towards it. The cuts have also led to staff reductions, in some areas whole departments have been merged putting people in leadership positions who lack the knowledge to deal with campaigns. The lack of staff is highlighted when specific enquiries are made as Steve found whilst conducting the RECOUP annual survey.

Recycling trends have plateaued off, why?

A possible reason for the recycling trends levelling off could be that the public feel ‘recycled out’, Rebecca Cocking of British Glass indicated that communications started to ‘dry up’ from 2011 due to announced budget cuts. Communications are extremely important in order to inform the householder of how they can ‘play their part’. A good campaign could inspire the public to recycle which would lead to more efforts being made to find out the recyclability of certain materials that they are unsure of. This issue was highlighted when the ‘Pledge 4 Plastics’ survey was launched. 77% of people admitted in the survey to putting items in their general waste bins when unsure of the recyclability rather than finding out which was the correct bin to dispose of it in.

Consuming on the go:

A survey conducted indicated that the majority of people who consume drinks from plastic bottles on the go don’t recycle them. It is thought that although people do not want to litter they also don’t want to be carrying around empty bottles/cans. This then leads to them being discarded in the nearest available unit, recycling or otherwise.

Like most aspects of a recycling campaign one of the most important factors is the people in charge. If local councils get fully behind a campaign this will increase the success of it.

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