“Membership growth in 2013 for two key plastic recycling associations demonstrates growing importance of plastic recycling and continued commitment from leading stakeholders” - says Stuart Foster, CEO at Recoup

Date Published: Thursday 16th January 2014

Recoup has seen 11 new members join its ranks in 2013 which again demonstrates the increasing focus on plastics and Recoup’s role in partnership working and motivating the supply chain to meet the challenges and targets which the industry faces.The new members include SITA UK, RPC Group, Viridor, Machinex, Kent Resource Partnership, Centriforce Products, PlasRecycle, Ashortwalk Ltd, Brunel University London, Campden BRI and Milton Keynes Council.

Recoup is built on a network of members who represent all sectors in the plastic supply and recycling chain. Recoup offers its members a number of direct and indirect benefits, but most importantly through support of Recoup, the members are in turn helping to support  the development of plastic recycling research and activities.

Foster notes that “in 2014, Recoup will continue to deliver a range of strategic, research and practical activities and projects across the plastics supply and recycling chain in partnership with its members and other stakeholders to improve the plastic recycling opportunity.”

 “There is still much work to be done to ensure plastics are seen in a more positive light,” says David Baker, General Manager at RPC Group and trustee of Recoup. He adds “but Recoup’s achievements over the past 23 years have undoubtedly made a significant contribution to creating greater awareness and understanding of plastic recycling and recyclability, and we look forward to helping to build on this success.”

2013 was also another positive year for EPRO, an association of national organisations charged with organising, managing, researching and promoting recycling and recovery of plastics throughout Europe.

Since 2012 three new members joined EPRO from the Netherlands, Canada and South Africa. EPRO now includes 19 members (including Recoup) from 16 countries and there is a global appetite for EPRO support and international co-operation.

EPRO work closely with EU institutions and is increasingly involved in robust data gathering on plastic recycling, best practice monitoring, and informing and monitoring the strategies and policies to recycle more plastics in the future. EPRO provided input into a number of key discussions in 2013 including the EU Green paper and other directives on plastic resource management. 

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