PREP Design was founded in 2017, shortly before forming a strong partnership with OPRL to make PREP available to OPRL’s rapidly expanding membership.  PREP is used at the design stage of packaging (all materials) to ensure it is actually recyclable in the UK market.  Now, whilst it is appreciated there are many variable factors across the UK recycling market, PREP does a good job at simulating the journey of packaging from collection, its sorting via the UK MRFs, and its behaviour with the down-stream reprocessors.  A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), made up of experts from across the supply chain, now assists OPRL to ensure the PREP settings are as accurate as possible and are adjusted as the market changes. Uniquely, PREP provides immediate feedback to the designer to explain why an item of packaging is not recyclable so changes can be made before going to market. PREP look forward to working closely with OPRL and us to assist with OPRL’s new Recyclability Certification scheme for plastics.