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About the Scheme

The Recycle Zone (RZ) programme was developed following a study, commissioned by Coca Cola Enterprises and undertaken by RECOUP. The aim was to establish what kind of recycling practices were available when recycling away from home. It was found that, although people were willing to recycle and were used to doing so at home, there were few facilities available for the consumer when out and about and ‘on the go’. As part of the programme, recycling units have now been installed in high footfall locations across England, Scotland and Wales resulting in significant volumes of plastic bottles and cans being collected for recycling rather than going to landfill. 


The Recycle Zone zones remain active across the UK. Some of which have been expanded and developed from their original roll-out. The changes to the Recycle Zones have reflected both the changing attitudes of the consumer and the changing collection arrangements at individual sites.

The aim for Recycle Zone is to be used as knowledge sharing platform and support service, enabling a network for sites across the UK to provide relevant information, receive support and engage with solution providers for ‘recycling on the go’.

The case studies show how some sites have adjusted Recycle Zone messaging to improve both quality and quantity of the recycling material collected.  


The Recycle Zone programme was active in the UK between 2009 and 2012, offering sites the opportunity to match fund purchase of recycling units and associated branding to be part of the programme and receive support services from RECOUP.

More than 90 sites were installed during this period at various locations, including shopping centres, high streets, airports, universities, motorway services, offices and theme parks. This also encouraged consideration of recycling points at other sites where funding could not be provided through the programme.

This provided a direct service for consumers wanting to recycle, but also re-enforced the positive recycling message. Based on the site footfall data, the combined potential of consumers that observed the collection points was at least 200 million per annum.

As part of the project, a website and data platform was also developed, and events and festival programmes were delivered using the Recycle Zone brand. Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) signed the guardianship of the Recycle Zone programme to RECOUP in 2013.

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