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Let's Work Together

You already know that plastics packaging is a very environmentally efficient product delivery system. Plastic is frequently the packaging material of choice - fit for purpose, reducing transport costs and minimising product wastage. But you also know that the biggest perceived drawback for consumers and regulators by far is the lack of opportunity to recycle and its impact on waste management systems.

By working closer with RECOUP, you can become part of the recovery solution, working to develop a sustainable business model.

By improving the economics and understanding of plastics waste management, the costs that your business pays can be reduced, both financially and environmentally. The expenditure on recycling can fund investment in better facilities for plastics – rather than other competing materials. Your support of Recoup enables a focussed and targeted campaign demonstrating cost-effective solutions to the challenges of plastics waste management. As a result compliance charges to your business and the costs of managing reputation issues can be understood and reduced.

You will have specialists working on your behalf to help develop effective, sensible policies at a national level that allow the delivery of better environmental standards without excessive cost and bureaucracy for your organisation You will access information on plastics recycling and associated issues that will enable you to identify opportunities, inform colleagues, and help you to plan and realise effective business strategies in this area. You can demonstrate to stakeholders a specific and relevant business activity within your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme both directly and through recognition in Recoup publications and services

Take action now

The environmental challenges of plastics waste must be addressed and the plastics supply chain does and will continue to have a responsibility to address these challenges – and to meet the associated costs.

Will you and your business simply be reactive, paying compliance costs and reacting to problems as they arise - or will your business make a modest investment in the planning, development and communication that is needed to reduce costs and improve performance?

The best way to predict the future is to help create it

Becoming a supporter of RECOUP, as a valued member, client or sponsor, will provide you with the opportunity to play your part in improving plastics waste management in the coming years. By helping
RECOUP to deliver grass routes improvements and also by looking at and influencing the bigger picture, you can help.

Get involved today by speaking to one of the RECOUP team and let your business engage with us on the journey to provide sustainable plastics packaging recovery solutions.

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To become a member of RECOUP, call us on +44 (0) 1733 390021, we can dicuss your business and the package that would suit you best.

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