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What We Do

What is RECOUP?

  • RECOUP is the UK's leading authority on plastics waste and resource management, providing expertise and guidance to a wide range of clients across the plastics supply, use and disposal chain.
  • RECOUP is built on a network of members and associated organisations across all sectors involved in plastics manufacture, use, disposal and recycling.
  • RECOUP works with many other leading international plastics recycling organisations to ensure that it stimulates the implementation of latest best practices and developments world-wide.

What does RECOUP do?

RECOUP works to maximise efficient plastics recycling. It does this through activities in the following areas:

  • Stimulate the development of sustainable plastics waste and resource management, especially the development of plastics recycling schemes across the UK
  • Undertake research and analysis to identify good practices and remove barriers to the development of efficient plastics recycling systems
  • Provide expert technical support, training and consultancy services for the development of efficient plastics recycling schemes for local government and waste contractors
  • Promote the use of recycled plastics in high quality end Products
  • Provide strategic guidance, training and consultancy services to plastics supply chain businesses on the commercial opportunities and risks resulting from a growth in recycling and associated legislation
  • Represent the interests of the plastics recycling supply chain to National Government and other key stakeholders
  • Provide accurate information, educational material and local promotional services to increase use of plastic collection facilities and to encourage the development of new facilities

RECOUP works primarily on projects in the UK and also provides consultancy services to support international programmes. See some of our previous projects here.

Articles, reports and newsletters on this website highlight specific examples of our activities.

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