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2019 Awards

Entry to the 2019 awards is open now and can be made by clicking here.

It is important that consumers and industry see the development in the recycling of plastics to further continue the work to sort and collect this material for recycling. Raising awareness of the products made from recycled plastics, stimulating demand and appetite for the design and manufacture more products made from recycled plastic and to encourage new entrants into the market place.  Creating a positive understanding of recycling plastics and their applications is a primary driver of this award.

This category includes products designed for commercial or domestic use, and may include but not be restricted to the following sectors: Fashion accessories, home and recreation, home furnishings, electronic products, sports and leisure, street furniture, medical and pharmaceutical, packaging, and commercial appliances. Entries are encouraged from product manufacturers, designers and design engineers at consultancies, processors and end-use companies

Product Samples: It is an essential part of this entry that a product, model, or prototype is submitted. However, if your product is too large to send to us then please contact us.

Please send product samples to: 
Anne Hitch
1 Metro Centre
Welbeck Way

Samples to be received by the entry deadline of 31st May 2019. Please send in a copy of your entry and supporting material with the product sample

Product Submission Criteria

The entry must be either:
- Designed in the UK
- Recycled in the UK
- Manufactured in the UK  

Also, the product should:
- Be made or designed to be made from post-consumer/post-industrial recycled plastics. (Recycled plastic can be sourced from any sector but must not be post-production scrap. There is no minimum restriction on % content, but you must disclose the sector and country from which the recycled material is sourced, and be willing to provide evidence on request.)
- Be innovative. (aesthetics, design and impact will be considered)
- Be sustainable (fitness for purpose, market need and market potential will be considered)

Press Clearance: Finalists and winners will be covered in PNE and on The information on the entries for these is taken from the entry forms. If there is any specific information in your entry that is sensitive and should not be published, then please indicate this clearly within your entry.

Qualifying Criteria: The significant portion of the entry must have taken place in the 18-month period from January 2018 - May 2019.

Judging for this award will take place in June 2019. A renowned panel of industry experts judge the award. The judges' decision is final and they also reserve the right toreallocate an entry into a different category. In each category the judges will select a small number of entries as finalists.

All finalists are required to attend the Plastics Industry Awards Ceremony on 27 September 2019 at the London Hilton on Park Lane, where the winners will be announced.

Supporting Material: There is an option to attach supporting material to your online entry. We recommend that you restrict these supporting documents to those that are most relevant and help illustrate the points you have made in your entry

Entry Deadline: 31st May 2019

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