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Legislation and Strategy

The laws under which the UK are governed in relation to packaging and waste are derived and guided by laws, directives and strategies at a European level. Individual countries then transpose these into regulations and policies, although the approaches and interpretations can differ between countries. This section contains information on relevant key packaging and waste legislation and strategy at a European, UK and individual nation level. 

UK Packaging Legislation and Strategy

Important information on the laws and regulations that affect packaging designers, manufacturers (packer/fillers), distributors and retailers

UK Waste and Recycling Legislation and Strategy

Packaging has a key role to play in helping society live more sustainably. Without it, many of the goods manufactured or grown would be damaged or spoiled before they reached the shops

European Legislation and Strategy

The latest developments in EU packaging law and environmental legislation - updates on waste management, recycling and packaging

Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy & Resource Security

We can help turn strategies and policies into something practical, visible and measurable, which fits the development and goals of your business or organisation, both environmentally and commercially

Consultations, proposals and responses

New consultations on plastics, packaging and waste will be added here

Associations & Groups

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