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The Newton Membrane Recycling Service

Through their members, RECOUP, continue to assist the exploration of recycling markets to increase the volume and quality of material feedstock. Newton Waterproofing Systems are one such member who have, with RECOUP’s assistance, developed a ‘back to base’ recycling scheme for unusable off-cuts of HDPE waterproofing membranes which allows their customers to be able to return to Newton any waste material in dedicated bags. The off cuts are returned to Newton’s head office in their dedicated vehicles (at the same time as deliveries are made) are shredded and then recycled. The material is reprocessed into pellet which is incorporated in products for use within the construction industry.  

Warren Muschialli, Managing Director of Newton Waterproofing Systems commented, "Every year, hundreds of tonnes of unused off-cuts of virgin and recycled cavity drainage membrane is sent to land-fill by the UK waterproofing industry, as there were no recycling facilities capable of collecting and recycling the materials.

These high-quality HDPE and HDPP membranes are designed to last for the lifetime of the buildings in which they are installed.

In response, Newton Waterproofing Systems have developed the Newton Membrane Recycling Service, the UK waterproofing industry's very first closed-loop process for collecting, recycling and reusing the waste created by the installation of our cavity drain membranes.”

Stuart Foster, CEO, RECOUP, said of the scheme, “we are delighted that Newton Waterproofing Systems have taken the lead in looking at ways post-industrial plastics can be recycled by the construction industry. Utilising RECOUP’s knowledge and membership links Newton have been able to improve and increase plastics recycling through their Membrane Recycling Service shows real commitment and foresight from the company’s leadership”.

To download the report please click here and to view the youtube video click here. 

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