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Collecting from Businesses

Organising a Collection

The way you set about organising the collection of recyclables from your company / organisation will depend on its size and on-site activities.

Main Types and Sources of Plastic

It is important for you to know what kind of plastic you generate to plan a recycling scheme or discuss your requirements with recycling contractors.

Investigate Available Markets

Once you have identified the types and quantities of plastic in the waste stream the next step is to investigate available markets for the plastic, as this may influence how it is handled.

Establish Collection Points

Having identified the plastics you're going to collect for recycling, the next step, if you are setting up your own independent recycling collection, is to decide on the type of collection container and establish collection points.

Storage and Handling

If you are setting up your own independent recyclables collection for plastics, once you have collected them you will need to prepare them for transportation to market.

Quality Controls

Contamination of recovered plastics can make it difficult to find a market for them and often constitutes the largest barrier to successful recycling

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