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Danone Nations Cup 2017

Danone sponsor the ESFA (English Schools’ Football Association) tournament - Danone Nations Cup - for children under the age of 11, with 3,000 primary schools taking part. The ultimate winning team in the Inter-Association tournament represent England at the Danone Nations Cup World Final; an international football tournament involving 2.5 million children from 32 countries around the world. 

The tournament aims to bring Danone’s health mission to life by encouraging children to have a healthy and active lifestyle. As part of this, Danone invited RECOUP to help to educate the children how the plastic bottles the water they need for hydration comes in, is also a resource to be re-used.

To bring the initiative to life, Danone commissioned a recycling bin in the shape of an XXL football trophy and two bespoke machines to demonstrate the process of recycling on-the-spot: a shredder and a moulding machine.  First, the children collected empty water bottles inside the huge trophy bin.  The bottles were then crushed into small flakes inside the shredder.  Next, the children were shown a variety of objects that recycled PET can be turned into, e.g. clothing such as football shirts.

The second part of the recycling lab, the moulding machine, was used to create medals out of recycled plastics. Small, coloured pellets were filled into the recycling machine, heated, and melted to create a viscous, formable mass. A tailor-made mould was then used to form the medals that were given to the children. Danone worked with communications agency Havas PR and creative agency Platform as well as recycling charity Recoup to make the Recycling Lab happen.

By taking part in this initiative, Danone and the schoolchildren have beaten the Tokyo Olympics to the punch, as it was announced earlier this year that their 2020 medals will be made from recycled mobile phones. 

RECOUP stands at all the regional finals, plus the 2017 finals at Stoke City FC stadium, have been showing the children what recycled PET bottles can be transformed into. Graphic displays, using the pledge4plastics pictures, combined with samples of flake, pellet, and fibre which the children are encouraged to touch and explore, showed the recycling journey from a water bottle to a football shirt.

More photos can be found here. 


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