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Nestlé Waters - R-Generation

The R-Generation plastics recycling educational programme was developed for schools in its ‘Recycle Cycle’ recycling scheme in Buxton to educate about plastic and plastic recycling.

Developed with RECOUP and Wastebuster, Plastic Recycling School Education Packs were developed for both Primary (Key Stage 2) and Secondary (Key Stage 3) schools. Linked to the national curriculum, the packs included exciting content for multi-media interactive assemblies, new films, lesson plans, and teacher’s notes, each pack with different content for the age ranges they are aimed at. These were used alongside a primary school ‘Pledge 4 Plastics’ competition and a secondary school enterprise competition, both with exclusive prizes.

The aim was for the programme was so it can be used in other areas outside the Buxton scheme. The KS2 pack has been adapted for use outside of Buxton and the KS3 pack is being developed for use on a UK wide level.

Headteacher of Buxton Community School Craig Yates commenting: “The students have found it fascinating to explore the science, technology and engineering behind plastic production and recycling but also to understand the important role the consumer plays in ‘closing the loop’”.

Helen Stamp, Headteacher at Peak Dale Primary School enthused at the effect the competition has had: “Peak Dale Primary School children and their families have really enjoyed pledging to recycle more plastic through the Nestlé Waters Recycling Scheme. Our children are now ‘ECO ambassadors’ and their message is ‘Everyone can help look after our planet too!’.”


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