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Hints & Tips

Below we have set out just some of our learnings from Recycle Zone sites which may assist you in the planning;

  • Location, location, location

Consider where you are locating the units in relation to footfall and convenience.  Is the location of the units as convenient as possible and is it clear to the consumer what their choices are?   Be aware of what type of waste material is likely need disposal and make sure that for areas where a particular product is likely to be consumed (i.e. coffee or canned drinks) that it is clear what the consumer is being asked to do with these items. 

  • Clear and consistent messaging

If the units have developed over time or there are a number of different units in one location it is preferable to have the same message on all the units.  If iconography and waste collections have changed it is preferable to have all the units updated at the same time. 

If you are unsure and need advice please contact us.

  • Pairing

Where the consumer has the option both for recycling and general waste at the same location with the units very close together then the level of contamination can be lowered.

  • Engaging with the consumer

Engaging where possible, whenever possible, with your consumer to educate both on the value of the recyclate and the cost of the contamination can help the consumer see the value of ‘doing the right thing’.  RECOUP can help with behaviour change initiatives and assist both with the delivery and content of such programmes.  

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