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Setting up a Zone

If you are interested in setting up a Recycle Zone, follow these 5 easy steps on ‘How to set up a zone’.

Step 1 - Understand your consumers Step 2 - Units
Step 1 - Understand your consumers

- What types of packaging do they use? (cans, paper/card, plastic bottles, etc.)

- What would be the most convenient location(s) for them to dispose of their recycling?

Step 2 - Units

- What type of units do you need?

Things to consider when choosing your unit;
o Unit size
o Branding on the units
o Communications
o Internal or External units

-Does it need a general waste section?

- Does a separate general waste unit need to be located next to the Recycle Zone unit?

- Where will the unit be placed? (Always be careful when placing units near fast-food outlets as there is often a higher incidence of waste contamination)

Step 3 - Disposal of material for recycling Step 4 - Internal communications
Step 3 - Disposal of material for recycling

- What contract do you have with your waste contractor to remove recyclate?

- Meet with your waste contractor to find out what needs to be done to segregate and collect recyclate?

-Consider any financial benefit from sale of recycled aluminium cans

Step 4 - Internal communications

Inform site staff so they are clearly aware and understand the benefits of Recycle Zone.

Step 5 - External communications
Step 5 - External communications

Communicate with your consumers about Recycle Zone
- Social media (twitter & facebook)
- In-store / on site advertising (bill boards)

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