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Collection & Sorting

Some representatives in the waste industry have convinced themselves that it is not an affordable option to recycle plastic bottles. The reality, in most cases, is very different. Although there are no prescribed answers to plastic recycling, there are a number of Best Practice guidelines that will aid the development of a plastic recycling system to achieve economic viability. 

It is likely that large manufacturers, distributors and retailers will be able to set up their own independent recycling systems, as it is probable that the quantities of plastics they are able to divert from the waste stream will be large enough to justify this. Small and medium size enterprises are unlikely to produce sufficient quantities of plastics waste to make setting up their own independent recycling systems feasible and will need to link in to a wider network to secure a service.


Collecting Bottles from Households

Local authorities are obliged to increase recovery, recycling and composting of household waste to reach mandatory Government targets.

Collecting From Businesses

The way you set about organising the collection of recyclables from your company / organisation will depend on its size and on-site activities.

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