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Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy & Resource Security

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RECOUP follows the principles of recognised corporate responsibility and resource security, but it can be difficult to see, touch and understand. We can help turn strategies and policies into something practical, visible and measurable, which fits the development and goals of your business or organisation, both environmentally and commercially. For more information see our Plastic Recycling Journey document  below:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters because it mirrors the core values of the society in which we wish to live. It matters to individual companies, big or small, who through innovative products and services, new skills and stakeholder engagement can improve their economic, environmental and social performance in the short and long term. It matters to those who buy from companies, to consumers who are paying more and more attention to the social and environmental credentials of the products and services they buy. It matters to the local communities where companies operate, who want to know that they are living amongst organisations that share their values and concerns. It matters to investors who feel that responsible business behaviour needs to be encouraged. It matters to people in other parts of the world who expect European based companies to behave in accordance with European and international values and principles. And it matters to our children and future generations who expect to live in a world that respects people and nature.

Extracted from Ref: COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 22.3.2006 - COM (2006) 136 final:

Resource Security

A key function of plastic recycling is the ability to reclaim and utilise resources that would otherwise go to waste. Creating a better understanding of the true impact of resource use, and making more efficient use of the resources that we have should lead to a stronger value chain and more materials of the appropriate quality generated for recyclate markets. 

If the principles of resource protection, conservation and security are used to develop policies and plans, it will lay the foundations for long term sustainable growth and create a pathway to a successful green economy in a world where resource use is fast becoming unsustainable.









                         Ref: GLOBAL FOOTPRINT NETWORK

Circular Economy

The circular economy has a number of interpretations, but is an increasingly popular concept that aims to evolve the notion of resource security towards resource preservation. Creating a circular economy would have a number of benefits for plastics which can be a valuable and circular resource.

One of the key propositions is to move away from the existing approach of manufacture, use and disposal within a consumer driven society. This will require some major changes to existing business models, and will challenge the way in which we all live our lives.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works in education, business innovation and analysis to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy. For more information please visit 

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