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RECOUP have helped a range of members and other clients to better understand the real recyclability of their packaging through practical trials, and explore opportunities to change processes or the packs themselves to improve recycling credentials. In some cases this has included bespoke system solution development where existing systems cannot process the packs effectively.

Just because a consumer has put your plastic pack into recycling bin, this is not a guarantee that it will actually be recycled.

There are a number of collection, sorting and reprocessing techniques in the UK that can turn waste plastic packaging from the consumer into a recycled end product. We can help you understand these systems by running your packs through these processes and analysing the flows of material.

Trials are regularly conducted at a range of recyclables handling facilities that operate with different
sorting methods and equipment. The opportunity to then recycle the resulting plastic is also
dependent on a range of reprocessing parameters.

  • Better insight into your pack recyclability performance.
  • Test new innovations or pack designs for recyclability before market introduction.
  • Independent RECOUP certification of pack recyclability to support sales.
  • Helping to realise producer responsibility for your organisation.

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