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RECOUP took an interest in event recycling over five years ago when it was approached by a client wishing to make a difference at high footfall events. 

After some initial research and looking at the waste management set up at festivals it was clear to see that there was a real opportunity to implement recycling on the go into this kind of environment.

The importance of recycling at festivals falls mainly down to the fact that there are such high footfalls of people consuming large quantities of drinks served in plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Alongside this it is a great opportunity to drive behavioural change and engage with the public on recycling matters.


Over the past few years we have helped our clients recycle over 40 tonnes of material including plastic bottles, aluminium cans, card, paper and shrink wrap from a number of festivals and events. The key issue we now face when we look at festivals and waste management is that there is still no consistency in the message or delivery of event recycling. As festivals are such a big part of the UK’s summer culture our opinion is that recycling at these events should be as consistent as recycling at home or while in shopping centres, hospitals, schools and other areas that see high footfalls and product consumption rates.

If you’re interested in encouraging recycling at events similar to the ones we have previously worked at (shown below) or any other festivals, contact the RECOUP team. we are eager to help you make a noticeable difference at these key events. The possibilities for consumer engagement and driving behavioural change are endless and we are full of ideas to impact the way we recycle away from home.


Fusion Festival

RECOUP teamed up with Britvic to encourage festival goers to recycle their empty plastic drinks bottles

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