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Membership Benefits

As a member of RECOUP you are entitled to a range of additional and discounted services.

RECOUP's membership packages are designed to offer you the greatest access to services and information required to maximise your environmental performance within plastics recycling. Membership entitles you to a greater level of support and brings with it increased involvement of the RECOUP team on your specific projects. This includes project management of research programmes, pilot schemes and best practice roll-out.

Below is a summary of some of the key benefits offered by RECOUP membership:

  • RECOUP are a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with the primary aim of encouraging the sustainable development of UK plastics recycling.
  • RECOUP help to increase plastic recycling levels by demonstrating and promoting good practices, efficiency and expertise.
  • Better scheme economics means more opportunities to develop recycling.
  • Better consumer and regulatory understanding of plastic packaging enhances opportunities for plastic recycling in the future.
  • Better national policy and regulations make it easier to do good business.


RECOUP is built on a network of members who represent all sectors in the plastic supply and recycling chain. Through RECOUP you can meet and exchange information with a range of professionals. RECOUP host an annual conference and other networking events for our members and invited guests. Members can also request presentation opportunities at these events as required.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member, you will be seen by your customers as supporting a non-political plastic recycling organisation. You will be supporting the Plastic Recycling Industry which will in turn benefit both the Plastic Packaging Industry and our perception to other industries and to the general public.

Discounted rates for project work and research

RECOUP are able to provide a wide range of project services across the plastics supply chain. The day rate for this type of work is discounted for RECOUP members.

Opportunity to share your knowledge and ours

We appreciate and value the expertise and knowledge which exists in the recycling and packaging industries. RECOUP encourage input from members to help with our publications and strategies. In return, you have access to advice and expertise from the RECOUP team.

Market intelligence and insight

RECOUP complete a survey each year on UK household plastic recycling. This is the most detailed review available. Aside from the publicly available report, relevant additional information can be shared with members at the discretion of RECOUP. RECOUP also complete specific polymer sourcing plans or strategies – the most recent being for PP and PET.

Promoting members

RECOUP would not exist without our valued members, and we want to make sure that your support is recognised at every opportunity. Members are promoted at exhibitions, conferences and within every presentation given by RECOUP throughout the year. Members are also recognised on the RECOUP website homepage which provides relevant company information to all website visitors. Members have full use of the RECOUP Member logo, to broadcast your commitment to plastic recycling.

Information, news and views direct to you

Membership updates are sent to you on a regular basis to keep you informed of developments in the recycling industry. The members area of our website provides exclusive access to all relevant information, newsletters and details of conferences, workshops and meetings that RECOUP attend.

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